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March 2021

Sing-a-Long-a The Greatest Showman - Cert PG - Postponed and Rescheduled

Friday 26th March at 7.00pm

Unfortunately ‘Sing-a-Long-a The Greatest Showman - (Cert PG)’ which was due to appear at The Stockport Plaza on Friday 26th March 2021 has been Postponed and Rescheduled to take place on Monday 18th October 2021.

May 2021

On Screen: Another Fine Mess Family Film Day – Cert U

Sunday 2nd May at 11.00am

In 1932 The Plaza Super Cinema and Variety Theatre opened her doors with Laurel & Hardy on the giant silver screen so join us for our annual family homage to these undisputed Kings of Comedy!

On Screen: Laurel & Hardy Secret Screening – Cert U

Sunday 2nd May at 6.00pm

On a day of celebration for the Kings of Big Screen Comedy Laurel & Hardy join us for a very special 'Secret Screening'!

August 2021

Film: Prince of Darkness (15)

Saturday 7th August at 1.00pm

John Carpenter's homage to NigelKneale's Quatermass series. With added satanism. And Alice Cooper.

Film: In The Mouth Of Madness (15)

Saturday 7th August at 7.20pm

God's not supposed to be a hack horror writer. But let's face it, that would actually explain a lot...

FILM: Big Trouble in Little China (15)

Saturday 7th August at 3.10pm

Every 70s martial arts movie you ever loved put into a blender, and then thrown at Kurt Russell. Who comes out fighting.

Film: They Live (18)

Saturday 7th August at 5.20pm

RowdyRoddy Piper is all out of chewing gum. Those alien invaders had better watchout. The perfect combination of poltical satire and all-in wrestling

Film: Grimmfest presents - John Carpenter: Film Legend (18)

Saturday 7th August from 1.00pm

Grimmfest pays tribute to John Carpenter, one of the most revered horror directors of the 20th Century.

Film: Grimmfest presents – Wes Craven: Film Legend (18)

Sunday 22nd August from 1.00pm

Grimmfest pays tribute to Wes Craven, one of the most revered horror directors of the 20th Century.

Film: The Hills Have Eyes (18)

Sunday 22nd August at 1.00pm

Family values in conflict; a stark and brutal confrontation between civilisation and savagery in which the lines between the two become increasingly blurred

Film: Scream (18)

Sunday 22nd August at 3.00pm

What happens when the killers don't play by The Rules any more?

Film: The People Under The Stairs (18)

Sunday 22nd August at 5.15pm

Part fairy tale, part social satire, Craven tackles the subjects of homelessness and urban gentrification in typically full-on fashion

Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street (18)

Sunday 22nd August at 7.10pm

One, two, Freddy's coming for you......

September 2021

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Cert 12A)

Friday 24th September at 7.30pm

Embark on a night of adventure and escapism with a brand-new collection of short films from the world’s most prestigious mountain film festival!

October 2021

The Renown Pictures 8th Festival of Film - Cert PG

Sunday 10th October from 11.00am

Join us on Sunday 10th October 2021 for The Renown Pictures 8th Festival of Film.

Sing-a-Long-a The Greatest Showman – Cert PG

Monday 18th October at 7.00pm

Look out ‘cause here it comes….From the producers of Singalonga Sound of Music and Singalonga GREASE, the smash hit film musical that everyone can’t stop singing

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