Restoration Update – 13.12.12

It was a heart stopping moment half way through our 80th birthday year when on looking up at the sumptuos faience we noted that the PLAZA legend at the very crown of our beautiful building had been abbreviated to the word PLA when the last two letters had evidently suffered from either a breakage or a technical fault.


On closer inspection all appeared to be in order with our three transformers located behind the Plaza legend therefore it was evident that either the neon tubes had broken or a wiring fault had occured.


To replace or inspect our neon is a major undertaking with the use of cherry picker lifting equipment and on discovering that the tubes had been damaged replacement were ordered from a regional supplier in Blackpool.


With bated breath our Technical Director, Gary Trinder, took to the skies with Neil and our electrical team to fit the new tubing and with a flick of the proverbial switch…..nothing!…..thankfully never one to be beaten by any given task Gary decided to inspect and replace all the existing wiring through to the transformers which solved our momentary moment of horror and once again the stunning neon signage that has became emblamatic for the entrance to Stockport and as one of the much loved features of our Art Deco Super Cinema and Variety Theatre was restored.


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